Guidelines for authors

The journal is released two times a year, usually at the turn of June and July and at the turn of December and January. Three categories of contributions are accepted: papers, reviews and annotations/informations. The papers are reviewed anonymously at least by two reviewers (double-blind peer review); for further corrections the papers are returned to their authors. Publishing of papers is free of charge.

Articles and papers to our journal are accepted from anyone with no exception. The content of articles must fulfill certain erudition of a writer whereas the advisory board reserves the right to refuse publishing any paper and this all by scholar, law, thematic and other reasons.

The papers are accepted in Czech, Slovak, English and German languages.

The papers need to be written according following criteria:

  1. The title of an article must be sententious, meaningful and it must conform to its content. (The size of letters 16, in extrabold face, centered no vertical space in front of the title, no vertical space adown.
  2. The name(s) and the surname(s) of the author(s) (with no academical degrees) are written below the title of an article. (The size of letters 14, in extrabold face, centered no vertical space in front of the name and adown.
  3. It is necessary to append the title of the paper in English language, brief annotation in the language of the paper and the English language and keywords in the language of the paper and the English languege.
  4. The topic processing must correspond with the standard requirements that are accented for scholar/scientific work.
  5. The critical apparatus processing is kept according rules in operation and the common habits.
  6. Do indicate the bibliography in conformity ISO 690 1 and 2. Examples can be found for instance here
  7. References to the bibliographic citations are made directly in the text enclosed in brackets using the surname(s) of cited author(s), year of publication and, in the case of direct citation, the page number of cited source. The name of author can be omitted if it was unmistakably mentioned in the main text. Items of reference are separated by commas, more references by semicolon. Examples: (Lang, 1978), (Brown, 1923, 25-34), (Brown, Roberts, 1993, 25), (Brown, 1923, 25 - 34; Brown, Roberts, 1993, 25). In exceptional and justified cases it is allowed to use citation in footnotes (especially when the direct citation or text explanation in the footnote are made).
  8. Compulsory information about an author: gained academical degrees, name, surname, affiliation, e-mail, address of instituion (for private authors their own) including the country of origin and optionally web pages (personal, institutional).
  9. For publication of rewiews the complete bibliographic citation of reviewed work is required.

The papers are accepted only in electronic style, the best way by email in format MS Word (*.doc, *.docx), Open Document, (*.otf) etc. In case of less known formats we do not guarantee publishing for technical reasons.

Sending an article to be published in the journal Paidagogos author(s) agree(s) to transfer publishing rights (copyright) to Paidagogos - Society for Philosophy, Theory and Praxis of Education. He/She/They also agree(s) that the article published in the journal Paidagogos will not be published elsewhere. This commitment is canceled in case of rejection of the article for publication.

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